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1.5" 30FT Battle Rope

1.5" 30FT Battle Rope

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1.5" 30FT Battle Rope

Discover a full-body workout with this 1.5" 30FT Battle Rope–a conditioning tool like no other! Increase muscular endurance and cardiovascular conditioning with intense but straightforward exercises. Setting up is a breeze, simply wrap it around something and get ready to break a sweat!


 Wrap it around a pole, tree, anchor, or hook for inside use! Its tough design stands up to vigorous workouts on the floor. Tie it up in the rafters and use it to climb--it's a calorie-crushing way to boost your grip and core strength!


Made from 100% polyester dacron for robustness and wear-resistance, our 1.5" 30FT Battle Rope features a triple-stranded, twisted PolyDac construction. Its practical portability and orange/yellow tracking line make it easy to take it anywhere at any time to maximize total body conditioning and cardiovascular fitness. All this is further safeguarded by a strong 600D Oxford waterproof sleeve to reduce friction and fray.



Color: Black

Size Optional (1.5" Diam.): 30Ft

Shipping Weight: 18 pounds


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