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Abu Garcia Ambassador C-7000 Fishing Reel

Abu Garcia Ambassador C-7000 Fishing Reel

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Abu Garcia Ambassador C-7000 Fishing Reel


As big on performance as they are on durability, the Abu Garcia 7000 round reel features a synchronized level wind system that provides even line lay and a smooth retrieve. The extended bent handle with power knob gives anglers an edge by increasing torque and aligning the cranking hand closer to the reel for more efficient fighting power. The smooth multi-disc drag system delivers pressure throughout the entire drag setting. Each 7000 fishing reel is constructed with a corrosion-resistant instant anti-reverse bearing, Duragear brass main gear, and a six-pin centrifugal brake for controlled casts.


Abu Garcia is the preferred brand of rods and reels for anglers who Fish To Win. Whether you are fishing a local tournament, trying to set your PB or simply out fish your buddy, count on Abu Garcia. Trusted by anglers the world over, Abu Garcia Round Baitcast Reels are designed to meet the demands of the most intense waterfront battles.


  • LONG-LASTING CONSTRUCTION: The spool of the Abu Garcia Ambassador C-7000 Casting Reel is made from machined aluminum, which provides strength without adding excess weight. This Casting reel is very durable at a weight of 21.5 oz.
  • RECOVERY RATE: Recover 22" | 56cm of line for every turn of the crank. Gear ratio of 4.1:1. Made with the Duragear brass gear to extend your reel's life.
  • SYNCHRONIZED LEVEL WIND SYSTEM: Provides even line lay and a smooth retrieve.
  • DRAG SPECS: Multi Disc Star Drag, Max: 20lb | 9.0kg. The Multi Disc Drag System makes it easier for you to adjust during a fight.
  • LINE CAPACITY: Mono Capacity yd/lb: 325/17 250/20 230/25. Braid Capacity 515/30 420/40 360/50.
  • RIGHT HANDLE POSITION: The extended bent handle with power knob increases torque and gives you more efficient fighting power.
  • 6 PIN CENTRIFUGAL BRAKE: Gives you consistent brake pressure throughout your cast.
  • 2 TOTAL BEARINGS: 1 ball bearing plus 1 corrosion-resistant, anti-reverse bearing provides smooth operation for any fishing experience.


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