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Foam Barbell Pad

Foam Barbell Pad

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Foam Barbell Pad


High-end quality you deserve, with a focus on defining professional quality, you are more assured

The advantage of weight-bearing training, with it can make the exercise effect can be increased by 1-4 times, the greater the weight, the more significant the exercise effect

Use this, can effectively avoid the bar weight bearing position, and the barbell slide

Product Name: squat barbell sheath

Product color: red, black, blue, rose red

Product size: length 45cm, diameter 10cm, aperture 2.7cm

Weight: 200g

Product features: protect the neck, shoulder

Protection method: It is recommended to wash with a mild detergent and dry in a cool place. Do not expose to the sun.

Tips for use: For your safety, please make sure that the boot opening is facing up during exercise


Good inner liner, built-in high density, high resilience thickening like glue sponge, deep and safer and more comfortable

Anti-seepage fabric, selected fabric absorbs moisture and absorbs sweat, double protection, good slip resistance, not easy to be eroded by sweat


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