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MD1008A Metal Detector

MD1008A Metal Detector

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MD1008A Metal Detector 

Light weight, easy operation, comfortable handling, ergonomic design, high sensitivity, comes with adjustable lightweight bracket.
Detection indication: Audio alert and LCD display indicate the detection of metal (6cm/2.36in detector diameter,10cm/3.94in detection depth), once metal is detected there's beep sound and LCD screen light to remind you.
Adjustable sensitivity & volume: Easy to control the detector's sensitivity level with sensitive control; adjust the volume level of speaker when searching to find missing or lost coins, pieces of jewelery and other metal objects.
Waterproof search coil: You can use the metal detector in the shallow water with waterproof search coil, it's perfect for kid's outdoor use to start a treasure hunting journey.
Application: Ideal gift for children, this is tailor-made for inexperienced metal finder for cultivating an exciting interest and hobby, can be used in science education, parents-kids activity and simple metal detection.

Material: ABS plastic shell
Power supply: 9V (6F22) (not included)
Frequency: 5.0KHz
Current: Standby: 10mA / Maximum: 70mA
Voltage: 7.2V-9.6V
Sensitivity: a coin: 13mm/0.51in
Indication mode: Sound mode / LCD mode
Size: 70x17cm/27.56x6.69in

Widely used - Very suitable for finding metal objects and wherever you need to detect hidden metals.
Designed to find metals - Search underground for gold and silver jewelry, coins and other metals.
Adjustable sensitivity - Easy to control the sensitivity level of the detector through sensitive control.
Detection indication - Audio alarm and LCD display indicate that metal is detected.
Waterproof search coil - You can use the metal detector in shallow water with a waterproof search coil.
Tip: The search coil is waterproof, but the control box is not waterproof.

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