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Miniwell Water Purifier

Miniwell Water Purifier

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Miniwell Water Purifier

The Miniwell Water Purifier utilizes a 0.6L/min water flow and features a Portable Gravity Water Filter System composed of ABS, UF (medical-grade) and Silicone materials. This outdoor water filter is suitable for satisfying the water needs of a group or family engaged in external activities, as it can be easily set up and hung from a tree. Additionally, its use is advantageous in conflict, riot and remote areas, offering an accessible source of drinking water. The filter's membrane (medical-grade material) removes 99.9% of E-coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhi, Cholera bacteria, Legionella and other bacteria. With a capacity of up to 525 gallons, the system is reliable and can be extended with regular backflushing to rinse away impurities. Moreover, the silicone gasket and bottle cover ensure no leakage when backflushing.



Miniwell Portable Water Filter
Dirty Water Reservoir( 3000ml)
Clean Water Collapsible Bottle(1000ml)
Silicone Hose and Hose Clip
Tree strap( 1meter)

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