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Multi Tool Belt Belt Buckle

Multi Tool Belt Belt Buckle

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Multi Tool Belt Belt Buckle

Model: SN1001/SN1011
Weight: 130g/237g
Full length: 11.4cm/14.7cm
Folding length: 6.1cm/7.6cm
Full blade length: 3.3cm/4.5cm
Steel: 5CR15MOV
Hardness: HRC55-58

Safety lock design

Multiple complex parts are integrated in a limited space. The design is sophisticated and powerful. The tools are equipped with a safety lock function after being opened. Each tool has a corresponding small lock to avoid misoperation and injury. The accessories can be used separately.

High-quality steel
5CR15MOV high-quality steel, strong hardness and durability

SN1011 function

1. Blade
2. Bolt/Nut Clip
3. Crimper
4. File
5. Flat head screwdriver
6. Flat screwdriver (small)
7. Phillips screwdriver
8. Pliers
9. Ruler
10. Scissors
11. Wire cutter

SN1001 function

1. Awl
2. Blade
3. Bolt/Nut Clip
4. Corkscrew
5. Crimper
6. Three-sided file
7. Flat head screwdriver
8. Jewelry screwdriver
9. Pliers
10. Ruler
11. Wire cutter

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