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Multifunctional Security Belts

Multifunctional Security Belts

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Multifunctional Security Belts

Constructed with high density nylon, Multifunctional Security Belts provide a highly durable and versatile tactical CQB rigger belt suitable for law enforcement and military use! With its adjustable size and durable metal buckle and hook, you can add a variety of pouches and holsters to fully customize your tactical gear. Make sure your security is never compromised!



Package includes:

  • 2" Tactical Nylon Belt

  • Dual Magazine Holster (horizontal & vertical adjustable)

  • Pager/Glove Holster

  • Key Holster

  • Radio Holster (Walkie Talkie)

  • Pepper Spray

  • Handcuff Case

  • Baton Holster

  • Flashlight Holster

  • Gun Holster


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