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Underground Metal Detector with Waterproof Probe

Underground Metal Detector with Waterproof Probe

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Underground Metal Detector with Waterproof Probe 

Need to hunt underground for gold and silver jewelry, coins and other metals? Try this. Find coins, artifacts, jewelry, gold and silver anywhere with this powerful and versatile metal detector. It is also widely used to detect aluminum, copper and rare metals and anywhere detection of hidden metals is required.

1. Large size LCD liquid crystal display
2. LED backlight switch
3. 4 modes to choose from: Full metal, jewelry mode, memory mode, coin mode 
5. One-key PP precise positioning function
6. 5 kinds of metal partitions, digital display, different metals, different values 7: 10-inch IP68 waterproof detection disk
8. Four-level sensitivity can be adjusted
9. Detection depth display
9. Different metals, different voice recognition
10. 25 cents sensitivity detection distance (10 inches 23-25cm).

Material: ABS
Working frequency: 5.5~5.8KHz
Working current: static ≤ 23mA, dynamic ≤ 50mA
Sensitivity: ≥20cm (25 points, air)
PP: ≥22cm (25 points, in the air)
Alarm: audio, LCD indicator
DISC detection range: adjustable
Sensitivity range: adjustable
Power supply: 2*9V 6F22 battery (not included)
Search coil size: 10incht

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